About The Designers

Claire tells a personal story through her intricate print work which is equally elaborate and beautiful. Each element within her work is hand drawn and collaged with rich textures to create something that is perfectly unique.
Whilst Claire has a fascination with vintage glamour, her younger sister Nicola brings a modern aesthetic to the brand. Their mutual passion for interior design lead to the launch of Tagg Studio. 
Combining decorative print work with luxurious fabrics to create bespoke cushions that people can enjoy in their homes for a lifetime. Before working in design, Claire traveled throughout Europe working as an airline stewardess.
Whist traveling she found inspiration in architecture and began to draw from what she had seen. When visiting cities Claire would often find herself drawn to museums full of art, rather than the usual tourist attractions that her colleagues would enjoy.
She realised that she was in need of a career change. This lead to her return to the UK to study a course in BA Fashion Textiles Print at the University for the creative arts Rochester. The sisters attended the University together although studying different courses. Looking back at this time they shared together, they would both agree that it was one of the best experiences of
their lives... although they did not think it at the time.
Nicola studied BA Fashion Media and Promotion. Since graduating she has taken a role as a Digital Account Manager, although she has always had the ambition to launch her own brand. From graduating university Claire went on to showcase her collection at Graduate Fashion Week where she won a place at the Gala show and a work placement with the high street brand Marks and Spencer’s. During her time at Marks and Spencers Claire learnt a great deal about commercial
design and went on to launch her own limited edition collection sold in-store.
Although she enjoyed her time there, she knew that she needed more creative freedom and going against everyone’s advice she decided to leave. She used the money she received when she won the New Designers Hainsworth statement award along with all her savings to launch her own label.
The fashion brand Claire Tagg launched at London Fashion Week in 2017 after achieving outstanding reviews and is now celebrating their fifth season. The brand uses primarily print based fabrics to create custom pieces, often elaborately embellished.
A theme that promises to run throughout the home decor ranges. Tagg studio is an independent brand with each element being hand drawn and made by the designers themselves in their midlands based studio. Here you find the designers sewing and creating whilst drinking lots of cups of tea and the occasional glass of gin.